Frequently Asked Questions

Read below to get answers to commonly asked questions about VIPDMC and our customer benefits.

VIPDMC has multiple accounts with each major wholesaler along with our own contracted rates with certain hotel properties. Each wholesaler requires a large floating reserve in excess of $25,000 that must be replenished every two weeks. We are allowing our clients to access the wholesale rates at a super low monthly rate without having to put down large chunks of money to access these rates. On average our customers save 30% off the directs rates and a minimum of 10% off the best rates offered anywhere else.

On bookings that are within 60 days, yes! Bookings made outside of 60 days you can submit the rooms you wish to book along with the city, arrival and departure dates and we can book them for you. We will take a 25% deposit upon booking and you can pay closer to arrival date after any adjustments. This will guarantee that you lock in the lowest rates but don’t have to exhaust your marketing and travel budgets to do so.


We offer wholesaler rates plain and simple and these rates by contract cannot be published to the public. By offering our clients access, we are not publishing our rates to the public. We are offering our rates thru a secured platform that the public can’t access. These rates are called “Unpublished Rates”. All the rates we offer are Unpublished Rates.

If you find a rate that is cheaper than our rate within 24 hours of booking your room we will either refund your money in full or we will keep your room you booked and refund the difference. Either way we don’t see this happening but we want you to know you that if it does happen we have your back and you’ll come out on top even more so.

We have ENDLESS references from clients and hotel contacts. Please be sure to ask so you can check our performance yourself, by contacting other clients and hotels who have been working with us for years.

We have an A+ ranking on and we have never been below A+ since we opened.

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email at the time of booking and can verify with the hotel that your reservations are confirmed.

There is a huge difference between VIPDMC and Other Big Retailers. 1. The big online retailers do get access to a very tiny piece of unpublished rates. In order for them to offer those rates to the public they can NOT to display the name of the hotel or the Address of the hotel until you actually book it and pay for it. VIPDMC's clients will know everything before they pay for it and can also read all the details including the address. 2. Big online retail companies also have huge marketing and advertising costs. Those costs are accounted for when your purchase a room. They have to mark up the rates plain and simple in order to spend a quarter of a billion dollars or more on selling themselves to you. VIPDMC has an extremely low overhead and doesn’t have to mark it up.

Yes. You can book any size groups you have. Group booking must be submitted thru your rep and our staff will negotiate the lowest rates available. On many cases we can waive attrition for our clients depending on the size of the group.

We are currently working around the clock (and the globe) to add these features and many more features. We have many things working on many different levels and all of which, will benefit our clients and won’t cost our clients any more than what they are currently paying.